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  •  Annyzik digital music recording/production studio is world class studio with state-of-the-art musical equipment that refines your voice to famous hit.
  • we have competent and well trained professional producers for Hip Hop, high life, reggae, Muslim/Christian music etc.
  • we aslo have competent mixing engineers to ensure excellent audio quality output.

The services we render in this sophisticated studio include but not limited to the following:

  • Production, mixing and mastering of Hip Hop music (singles or albums)
  • Production, mixing and mastering of high life music (with life guitars and other equipment) (singles or albums)
  • Production, mixing and mastering of Muslim/Christian music with any type of beats (makosa, reggae, warrior etc).
  • Creation of beats.
  • Voicing of songs.
  • Mixing and mastering of songs.
  • Skits recording etc.
  • Voice over recording.
  • Adding of life instruments to already recorded.

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