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Annyzik Ventures Nigeria Limited is a limited liability company that was established in the year 2006.It has many subsidiaries that takes care of each aspect of our numerous businesses:

  • Annyzik Entertainment is a subsidiary that handles the show business strictly. It is saddled with the responsibility of organizing musical shows to entertain the public and make them unwind a bit. It also handles the talent hunt shows for the discovery of fresh talents, with a view to empowering them  to earn a living from their God-given gifts.

This subsidiary is also in charge of all musical video shoots, film or home video shoots including our TV soaps. All the editing jobs of Annyzik are also handled by this segment /subsidiary.

  • Annyzik Music Group (AMG) is the official record label of the company fully responsible for signing music artistes and promotion of their music careers.
  • Annyzik Vocational Institute is the school that teaches the skills that pays the bills. It is basically a school that responded to the economic realities of Nigeria. We make the students that pass through this school a boss of their own and employers of labour. See details of the courses on school page
  • Annyzik Planet is a subsidiary that houses virtually all aspects of our business
  • Photo studio with sophisticated equipments for clarity of pictures
  • Photo lab with state of the art lab equipments that ensures an output of pictures that speaks.
  • The ultra-modern digital music studio with professional producers and sound engineers that refine voices into famous hits.
  • The Events planning/ management business is also in Annyzik Planet. We take the stress of events / occasions off our clients’ shoulders. We are known for professional service delivery.
  • Annyzik Events & Shows (AES) photo speak magazine is also housed here at Annyzik Planet. Your shows, events/ occasions are glamourized through the feature of the stories and pictures in this magazine.

What more can you say about Annyzik and where else can you look for a broad spectrum of entertainment? We are simply a home of events music and photos!

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